Sunday Lunch Menu 28th May 2017

Antipasti: Indulge in a feast of flavours from a combination of freshly prepared salads. Authentic Italian delicatessen, meat, fish and vegetarian platters, Individual creations, Mediterranean and local specialities. Together with our home made selection of dressings and infused oils

Soup: Cream of baby spinach and nutmeg (V/GF/D), Stilton croutes (V/D)

Salt cod chowder, smoked sweet corn (F/SF/GF)

Pasta: Lasagnia vegetarian, red lentils, charred vegetables and ricotta glaze (V/D), Strozzapreti, spicy seafood sauce and crispy calamari  (F/SF). Beef tortellini, sundried tomato, mushrooms, rucola and cheese velouté (D)

Carvery: Slow roasted gammon, damson gin sauce (GF). Braised leg of lamb, roasted garlic jus, mint sauce (GF)
Spit-roasted Mediterranean herbed chicken (GF)

Live Cooking Station: Rosemary rubbed pork chops, red onion relish (GF). Fresh fish, romesco sauce (F/SF/GF/N)
Beef Shawarma (GF), condiments and pita pokets

Paella Station: Short grain rice cooked in chicken stock with saffron, spiced chicken from the joint and chorizo sausage,together with a grape tomato confit, charred bell peppers, peas and fresh herbs (GF/P)
Hot Buffet Counter:  Pan seared white fish, steamed clams, chorizo and plum tomato ragout (F/SF), Grilled beef steaks, trio of mushroom cream sauce (GF/D), Braised rabbit, wilted green vegetables, peppery all spice jus (GF), Sticky hickory pork back ribs, BBQ sauce  (SF), Caramelized onion, pears and walnut quiche (V/D), Stir fried vegetable rice noodles (V/D), Orange and poppy seed glazed vegetable wedges (Vegan/GF), Boulanger potatoes (V/D/GF) Potato croquettes (V/D)

Dessert: Our pastry team tempts you to savour from a wide selection of desserts and pastries. Refresh with an array of freshly prepared fruits and Ice-creams. Local and international cheese marble with cream crackers and house chutneys

Għall-biljetti ċempel lill-Helpers:

Antoinette Sammut: 21433044 ; Massima Bugeja: 79288392 ;

Lourdes Attard: 21416125 ; Marianne Vassallo : 99430187 ;

Agnes Falzon: 21432516; M’Ann Porter: 21434036;

jew mill-Uffiċċju Parrokkjali 21433826


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