Magical Mosta

Magical Mosta

Explore the City of the famous

Rotunda, on your own way

An experience designed to be enjoyed as an individual, a small team or a larger group which will take you straight into the heart  of one of Malta’s oldest and yet always evolving villages.

Available every TUESDAY, between 10.30 and 15.30 hrs

Guests would arrive at Mosta Dome by their own transport, between 10.30 and 15.30 hrs.  The ticket includes three parts, which everyone can do in his own way:

  • Visit the inside of the world’s famous neoclassical Rotunda - one of the largest unsupported domes in the world
  • Visit the Mosta World War II underground shelter
  • Markiz Mallia Tabone Farmhouse - art and exhibition centre
  • The Speranza Chapel in the omonimous Valley
  • Walk through the old streets of Mosta, assisted by one of our team members
  • A typical full Maltese buffet meal served in ‘Dar Mustija’, a characteristic Maltese house & garden. 

This event is available every Tuesday, between 10.30 and 15.30 hrs. 

Price: €25.00 for adults, Children under 12, accompanied by an adult – Free

The Rotunda of Mosta and

Mosta World War II Shelter

While you're visiting the Rotunda of Mosta, you will be invited to have a look in both the sacristies where you can find the replica of the bomb and a lot of Religious exhibits.

You will be provided with brochures about the church in different languages.  A Mobile phone App, can be downloaded for more information which also includes a 7-minute video about Mosta, the Church and special events we had in the church.

You can also visit the World War II Shelter. In the Shelter there are two exhibitions. One photo exhibition about Malta in World War II, and tools exhibition of different traditional jobs we had in Malta.

For a lovely view from the inside and outside of the Dome, one can go up on the portico and enter in the inner balcony of the church.

Walk through the old streets of Mosta and visit varied places of interest with exclusive access

Assisted by one of our team members, you will walk through the old streets of Mosta.

While visiting varied places of interest with exclusive access.

We will provide a booklet (in different languages) explaining the significance of each place of interest and through the mobile phone App, you can also listen the information.

A typical full Maltese buffet meal served in "Dar Mustija" a characteristic Maltese house & garden

Dar Mustija, is a typical town house in the heart of Mosta build in 1800. In 1974 this dar (house) was donated to the Mosta Parish by the siblings Grezzju, Gużeppa and Sunta and became a centre for religious teaching and formation. While continuing with its original mission to this day, this place also has another function – that of welcoming you, our guests, for a treat of local food and drink. In the quaint garden, among the orange trees, you can enjoy some Maltese delicacies in a relaxed atmosphere. The present bar area was originally a place where the family kept its animals. There is also an interior yard, typical of Maltese houses on the design inherited from the time when Malta was under the Arabs. Built in Maltese franka, that is globigerina limestone, the honey-coloured stone helps to keep the rooms warm in winter and cool in summer. We hope that your visit to this house will enhance your Mosta experience and entice you to come again. 

A typical full Maltese buffet meal will be served.

  • Maltese Bread with Kunserva.
  • Maltese Cheesecakes (pastizzi
  • Qassatat, Timpana,
  • Maltese Tuna Ftira.
  • Bigilla and Water Biscuits,
  • Butter Beans, Olives, Peppered Goat Cheese,
  • types of Maltese Sweets
  • Water, Wine, Soft Drink, Coffee or Tea